Andy Narell

Andy NarellThe Bur Oak — Wednesday, August 17, 2022 — 8PM

By Michael Brenneis

Interview date: 07/11/2022

Even with an unrivaled and prestigious body of work behind him, steel pan maestro Andy Narell continues to strive to improve, explore, reinvent, and push the boundaries of what the steel pan can do. He’ll be in Madison this August for a not-to-be-missed whirlwind of performances, appearances, and collaborations.



Lovely Socialite

Lovely SocialiteCafe Coda — Saturday, July 30, 2022 — 7 PM

By Michael Brenneis

Interview date: 07/08/2022

The band Lovely Socialite celebrates their latest album “The Drift” to be released on the ten-year anniversary of their first record, 2012’s “Registers Her Delight.” Unfolding into its second decade, the band continues to build on its legacy of odd orchestration, subtle mirth, and stylistic alchemy.



Julian Kirshner

Julian Kirshner/Nikolaj Klemens duo  — Audio for the Arts — Friday, July 22, 2022 — 8PM

By Michael Brenneis

Interview date: 7/11/2022

The duo of tenor saxophone and drums is a classic free improv pairing, but the music and sounds each group makes are guaranteed to go in an infinite number of singular directions. That will certainly be the case at Audio for the Arts on July 22nd when Chicago meets Switzerland in the form of the Julian Kirshner/"Nikolaj Klemins" (aka Sebi) duo.