BlueStem Jazz is our new non-profit venture

After booking and presenting progressive jazz since 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin, we have now partnered with several local venues as a means of expanding our services and increasing exposure for this valuable art form. These venues range from a recording studio to listening rooms to full-on killer clubs. All are dedicated to the progressive, avant-garde, experimental musician. We believe our reputation speaks for itself in what we have accomplished over these years and we believe it will carry us well into the future. And as always we do this with love, as volunteers and do not take a penny. What we get in return is much more valuable – we get to be anointed with sonic wonders from amazing musicians.

This is making a couple old guys really happy!

David Stone / Thomas Ferrella



Amina Figarova Sextet at Cafe Coda | Mar 20, 2021 | 8pm
Andy Milne & Unison at Café Coda | May 14, 2021 | 8pm
Will Holshouser & Eric Vloeimans at Audio For The Arts | Sep 22, 2021 | 8pm


Tony Cataniawith Barry Paul Clark and Devin Drobka at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 24 | 6:30pm | CANCELED
Brennan Connors & Stray Passage
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 17 | 6:30pm | TIX
Greg WardTrio  at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 16 | 6:30pm | TIX
Vincent Davis Percussion Plus
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 10 | 6:30pm | TIX
Michael Brenneis’ EXECUTIVE TEA SET at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 8 | 7pm | TIX
with Matt Gold
at Garver Patio | Sept 24 | 7pm | TIX
Hanah Jon Taylor Artet
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 25 | 7pm | TIX
at Audio For The Arts | Sep 26 | 8pm | CANCELED
Devin Drobka Trio with Hans Young Binter and Meredith Nesbitt
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 27 | CANCELED
Paul Dietrich Quartet and Matt Gold Trio
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 17 | 7pm | TIX
Daniel Roth’s TWO JACKETS
at Audio For The Arts | Sep 19 | 8pm | CANCELED
CORTEX  Thomas Johansson
at North Street Cabaret | Sep 11 | 8pm | CANCELED
FATHER SKY  Anthony Deutsch, John Christensen, and Devin Drobka
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 28 |  7pm | CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER
Tony Catania
at Audio For The Arts | Aug 29 | 8pm | $15 | park at MG&E lot Main St | CANCELED
Vincent Davis Trio with Isaiah Collier and Jeremiah Hunt
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 3 | 7pm | TIX
Charlie Ballantine
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 4 | 7pm | TIX
at Pursuit of Happiness Festival McPike Park | Aug 23 | 2:30 pm | FREE | CANCELED
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 7 | 7pm | $15 | TIX | MORE
Caroline Davis/Ben Hoffmann’s MAITRI + Tony Barba, Paul Dietrich, Nick Moran, and Devin Drobka
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 14 | 7pm | $15 | TIX | MORE
Keefe Jackson, Peter Maunu, Kent Kessler, Julian Kirshner
at North Street Cabaret | Aug 7 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Caroline Davis & Ben Hoffmann
at Audio For The Arts | Aug 8 | 8pm | CANCELED
COLLECTOR Jakob Heinemann, Matt Blair, Devin Drobka
at North Street Cabaret | Aug 14 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Angel Bat Dawid  and Adam Shead
at Cafe Coda at Cafe Coda | July 17th | 8pm | CANCELED
Michael Hu Quartet
at Audio For The Arts | Jun 26 | 8pm | TIX | CANCELED
Alex Mercado Trio
at North Street Cabaret | July 10 | 8pm | CANCELED
MARBIN Danny Markovitch, Everette Benton Jr., Dani Rabin
at The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago) | July 10 | CANCELED
at North Street Cabaret | July 11 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Phillip Golub and Mario Fabrizio’s Tropos
at Audio For The Arts | May 16 | 8pm | $15 | Park at MG&E Main St lot | TIX  | CANCELED
Paul Dietrich Quartet and Matt Gold Trio
at North Street Cabaret | May 23 | 8pm | $15 | POSTPONED
Alex Mercado Trio
at Cafe Coda | May 30 | 8pm | CANCELED
at Audio For The Arts | Jun 13 | 8pm | CANCELED
Jamie Breiwick, John Christensen, Devin Drobka at North Street Cabaret | Apr 17 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
at Audio For The Arts | Apr 18 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Max Bessesen w/Ron Miles
 at North Street Cabaret | Apr 25 | 8pm | POSTPONED
Paul Giallorenzo Trio
at Café Coda | Apr 30 | 8pm | $15 at the door
BlueStem Jazz Festival
at Schenk’s Corners | May 1 | 5 – 9pm | FREE | Keefe Jackson and Dave Rempis artists in residence | POSTPONED
Tony Barba CD Release 
at North Street Cabaret | April 3 | 8pm | CANCELED
at Threshold | April 4 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Jaimie Branch’s FLY OR DIE II with a reading by Melvin Hinton at Cafe Coda | Mar 18 | CANCELED
at North Street Cabaret | March 20 | 8pm | TIX | MORE | CANCELED
Dave King and Julian Lage
at The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago) | March 15 | 8pm | TIX
KUZU Dave Rempis, Tyler Damon, Tashi Dorji
 at Cafe Coda | Mar 14 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
Ken Vandermark and Paul Lytton
at North Street Cabaret | March 11 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
a film for planetarium created in real time by Thomas Ferrella and Aaron Granat at James Madison Memorial HS | March 6 & 7 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
Ryan Keberle’s REVERSO [with Frank Woeste and Vincent Courtois]
at Audio For The Arts | Mar 4 | 8pm | $15 | park at MG&E lot Main St | TIX | MORE
at Audio For The Arts | Feb 28 | 8pm | $10 advance/$15 door | park at MG&E lot Main St | TIX | MORE| Sponsored by SONS OF NORWAY
at Cafe Coda | Feb 29 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
Mathew Muneses’ THRESHOLD
at Threshold | Feb 21 | 8pm | $15 | TIX at the door
Isaiah Collier and the CHOSEN FEW
at Cafe Coda | Feb 8 | 8pm | TIX
at Audio For The Arts | Feb 10 | 8pm | $10 | TIX | MORE
COLLECTOR Jakob Heinemann, Matt Blair, Devin Drobka
at Cafe Coda | Jan 31 | 8pm | $15 TIX at the door | MORE
Oliver Gomez’s HAPPY FEET at Art In | Dec 14 | 8pm | $10
Bram Mccullough and Chad Weitjers at Audio For The Arts | Nov 30 | 8pm
at Cafe Coda | Nov 4 | 7pm | $20
Michael Formanek and Peter Formanek at Audio For The Arts | Nov 7 | 8PM | $15
Jeb Bishop – Jaap Blonk’s 4TET at Cafe Coda | Nov 15 | 8pm | $15
Jake Polancich Quartet [Ryan Meisel, Jay Mollerskov, Matt Rogers] at Audio For The Arts | Nov 23 | 8pm | $10/15
Tim Daisy and Russ Johnson at Audio For The Arts | Oct 25 | 8pm
Emerson Hunton w/Sarah Clausen & Jakob Heinemann at Audio For The Arts | Oct 12 | 8pm
BROKEN SHADOWS [Dave King, Tim Berne, Reid Anderson, Chris Speed] & Jason Steins’ HEARTS AND MINDS at The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago) | Sep 29 | 7pm
Brennan Connors’ STRAY PASSAGE at Mother Fools Coffeehouse | Sept 27 | 8pm
Roscoe Mitchell Trio with Vincent Davis at Cafe Coda | Sept 22 | 7pm
Ralph Alessi Quintet [Andy Milne, Drew Gress, Jon Irabagon and Mark Ferber] at Cafe Coda | Sept 21 | 8pm
Vincent Davis Trio with Isaiah Collier at The North Street Cabaret | Aug 31 | 8pm
CINGHAILE  Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams plus Steve Marquette solo at Cafe Coda | Aug 26 | 8pm


Tony Castaneda hosts BlueStem Jazz on his WORT 8 o’clock buzz morning show 8/6/2021, BlueStem Jazz announces their first show since the covid lockdown and their robust fall schedule at the Garver Feed Mill Patio.
BlueStem Jazz
is excited to announce our newest event partner, THE GARVER FEED MILL PATIO – hip venue, enlightened people, chill vibe…way to make BlueStem feel at home!
Welcome Micheal Brenneis
to the BlueStem Jazz all-volunteer staff!  Michael Brenneis is a drummer and composer, based in Madison, Wisconsin. He will be our blogger doing pre-show reviews and interviews called the ShowBiz Roundup. He wants everyone to know that he’s a musician not a journalist. After reading his amazing posts, BlueStem may argue with the journalist comment.
BlueStem Jazz welcomes Rick Campbell
to our volunteer staff. Rick possess an incredibly deep knowledge and appreciation of all things jazz, but especially of avant-garde jazz. He is also a very generous donor to Friends of BlueStem Jazz and will act as our liaison to WORT 89.9 fm. PROVOKE CULTURE!
ALCHEMY CAFE  becomes a BlueStem Jazz sponsor! Where our musicians eat for free and our patrons to all BlueStem Jazz events eat and drink at a 10% discount day of the show.
An Extra Large Thanks to generous supporters.  Our Giving Tuesday fundraising was very successful. Look forward to more great music in Madison during 2020
wmse 91.7fm [milwaukee]
with alternating currents DJs rob szocik and zoro [aka brent boock] – interview on all things bluestem, 12/1/19  [starts at 1:02:50]
11/19 “friends of bluestem jazz” give generously to wort 89.9fm and form partnership to buy underwriting promotion for 2020
10/16/2019 – bluestem jazz proudly gets picked to host three artists from south arts first jazz road tours‘ grants:  brandon ross,  Melvin Gibbs, J.T. Lewis – harriet tubman. jaimie branch – fly or die. david rempis, tashi dorji, tyler damon – kuzu.
bluestem jazz launched  non-profit sponsors/presenters of progressive jazz in madison, wi.
wort 89.9 fm fire worship with joanne pow!ers 5/14/19 – interview on the state of jazz in madison
badger herald by emilie burditt 1/28/19
isthmus by allison geyer 11/29/18
isthmus by kiel majewski  5/3/18
wort 89.9fm 8 o’clock buzz with tony castaneda  5/3/18 – interview on the ALL JAZZFEST
wisconsin state journal by gayle worland  4/27/18
wort 89.9fm 8 o’clock buzz with jonathan zarov  2/23/18
capital times by erik lorenzsonn  2/27/17


Audio for the Arts

7 S Blair St # 1, Madison, WI 53703 | 608-255-0511 | Capacity: 30+

Madison's premier recording studio, their live concert series called Acoustic Moose features artists in an intimate setting - the live room at Audio for the Arts! For these concerts, artists perform mostly acoustic versions of their music to an exclusive audience of about 30+ people. It’s a chance to see and hear amazing talent up close and personal in a state-of-the-art recording studio setting.

BlueStem Jazz Booking and presenting Jazz in Madison, Wisconsin since 2016.

Cafe Coda

1224 Williamson St. Madison, Wisconsin 53703 | 608-630-9089 | Capacity: 99

Café CODA is Madison’s premier new jazz space dedicated to the presentation of traditional, contemporary and creative music. Café CODA facilitates the long-desired manifestation of a space with suitable staging, a tuned concert piano, and state of the art drum kit, to inspire great music to be played by great artists.

Garver Feed Mill

3241 Garver Green, Madison, WI 53704 | | Capacity: 500

The Garver Feed Mill is an iconic turn-of-the-century building on Madison's near East Side that is home to a collection of producers, artisan food makers, wellness studios and hospitality providers.

The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago)

2262 Winnebago St. Madison, WI 53704 | 608-640-4380 | Capacity: 99

Hello friend. The Bur Oak is a venue for inspiring conversation between stranger and neighbor, artist and patron, friend and family. Our cafe was inspired by a memory of your great aunt’s farmhouse kitchen. Our MENU aims to be simple and wholesome inspired by ingredients picked in our state. The drinks compliment the food. Our performance space has an expansive stage yet lends itself beautifully to our intimate listening room.

The North Street Cabaret

610 North Street Madison, WI 53703 | 608-422-5646 | Capacity: 99

The North Street Cabaret is a new music venue in Madison, Wisconsin hosting a wide variety of world music, jazz and local talent. With excellent drinks, friendly staff and the Tip Top Tavern right across the street for amazing food, you have arrived at the epicenter of a cool Madison vibe. Inclusivity is our highest priority – all are welcome at the cabaret.


2717 Atwood Ave, Madison, WI 53704 | (608) 286-3827 | Capacity: 90

Threshold is an intentionally designed work and gathering space dedicated to cultivating creativity, well-being and community.

At Threshold we seek to create a new paradigm for bringing together entrepreneurship and community so they can dovetail in an organic and mutually supportive way. Threshold offers a mix of tenant business space with community event and teaching space.


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