BlueStem Jazz is our new non-profit venture

After booking and presenting progressive jazz since 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin, we have now partnered with several local venues as a means of expanding our services and increasing exposure for this valuable art form. These venues range from a recording studio to listening rooms to full-on killer clubs. All are dedicated to the progressive, avant-garde, experimental musician. We believe our reputation speaks for itself in what we have accomplished over these years and we believe it will carry us well into the future. And as always we do this with love, as volunteers and do not take a penny. What we get in return is much more valuable – we get to be anointed with sonic wonders from amazing musicians.

This is making a couple old guys really happy!

David Stone / Thomas Ferrella



Anthony Deutsch Trio featuring Billy Peterson and Devin Drobka at Cafe Coda | Jun 11 | two shows 7pm/9pm | TIX
Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few at Cafe Coda | Jun 12 | 7pm & 9pm | TIX
Roscoe Mitchell Quartet at Cafe Coda | Jun 20 |
Tony Barba Quartet with Matt Gold, Devin Drobka and John Christensen at Garver Feed Mill Patio | June 25 | 7pm | TIX

Brad Townsend and Arp of the Covenant at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jul 2 | 7pm
Mars Williams at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jul 9 | 7pm
Rodrigo Villanueva Trio, featuring Fareed Haque and John Christensen at The Bur Oak | July 11 | 7:30pm
Sincerely, Linus (Jake Polancich, Ryan Meisel, Matt Rogers) at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jul 16 | 7pm
Chad McCullough at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jul 23 | 7pm
Hanah Jon Taylor’s ARTET at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jul 24 | 7pm
Vincent Davis, Corey Wilkes, Junius Paul and Justin Dillard at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jul 30 | 7pm
Dave Rempis at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 6 | 7pm
Julia Smulson at the Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 15 | 7pm
Dave King Trucking Company at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 20 | 7pm
Hanging Hearts (Chris Weller, Paul DeGenova and Quin Kirchner) at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 27 | 7pm
Jeff Swanson at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sep 3 | 7pm
Charlie Ballantine at The Bur Oak | Sep 10 | 8pm
Ethan Philion’s Mingus Band at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sep 17 | 7pm
Will Holshouser & Eric Vloeimans at Audio For The Arts | Sep 22 | 8pm
Dave Cooper at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sep 24 | 7pm
Keefe Jackson and Anton Hatwich at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 1 | 7pm
Matt Ulery’s Delicate Charms at North Street Cabaret | Oct 15
Tim Daisy with Russ Johnson, Dave Rempis and John Hebert at North Street Cabaret | Oct 29 | 8pm


Dirk Quinn Band at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jun 9 | 7pm | TIX |MORE
Lesser Lakes Trio
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Jun 4 | 7pm | TIX
Max Bessesen w/ Russ Johnson, Devin Drobka, Dave Miller and Ethan Philion
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | May 21 | 7pm | TIX | MORE
Northern Illinois University Jazz Ensemble with Rodrigo Villanueva Directing
at Cafe Coda | Apr 22 | 7pm |TIX
Todd Clouser Trio + Alex Mercado Trio
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | May 14 | TIX | MORE
Amina Figarova Sextet
at Cafe Coda | Postponed
Andy Milne & Unison at Café Coda | May 14 | 8pm CANCELED


Tony Catania with Barry Paul Clark and Devin Drobka at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 24 | 6:30pm | CANCELED
Brennan Connors & Stray Passage
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 17 | 6:30pm | TIX
Greg Ward Trio  at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 16 | 6:30pm | TIX
Vincent Davis Percussion Plus
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 10 | 6:30pm | TIX
Michael Brenneis’ EXECUTIVE TEA SET at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Oct 8 | 7pm | TIX
with Matt Gold
at Garver Patio | Sept 24 | 7pm | TIX
Hanah Jon Taylor Artet
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 25 | 7pm | TIX
at Audio For The Arts | Sep 26 | 8pm | CANCELED
Devin Drobka Trio with Hans Young Binter and Meredith Nesbitt
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 27 | CANCELED
Paul Dietrich Quartet and Matt Gold Trio
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 17 | 7pm | TIX
Daniel Roth’s TWO JACKETS
at Audio For The Arts | Sep 19 | 8pm | CANCELED
CORTEX  Thomas Johansson
at North Street Cabaret | Sep 11 | 8pm | CANCELED
FATHER SKY  Anthony Deutsch, John Christensen, and Devin Drobka
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 28 |  7pm | CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER
Tony Catania
at Audio For The Arts | Aug 29 | 8pm | $15 | park at MG&E lot Main St | CANCELED
Vincent Davis Trio with Isaiah Collier and Jeremiah Hunt
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 3 | 7pm | TIX
Charlie Ballantine
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Sept 4 | 7pm | TIX
at Pursuit of Happiness Festival McPike Park | Aug 23 | 2:30 pm | FREE | CANCELED
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 7 | 7pm | $15 | TIX | MORE
Caroline Davis/Ben Hoffmann’s MAITRI + Tony Barba, Paul Dietrich, Nick Moran, and Devin Drobka
at Garver Feed Mill Patio | Aug 14 | 7pm | $15 | TIX | MORE
Keefe Jackson, Peter Maunu, Kent Kessler, Julian Kirshner
at North Street Cabaret | Aug 7 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Caroline Davis & Ben Hoffmann
at Audio For The Arts | Aug 8 | 8pm | CANCELED
COLLECTOR Jakob Heinemann, Matt Blair, Devin Drobka
at North Street Cabaret | Aug 14 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Angel Bat Dawid  and Adam Shead
at Cafe Coda at Cafe Coda | July 17th | 8pm | CANCELED
Michael Hu Quartet
at Audio For The Arts | Jun 26 | 8pm | TIX | CANCELED
Alex Mercado Trio
at North Street Cabaret | July 10 | 8pm | CANCELED
MARBIN Danny Markovitch, Everette Benton Jr., Dani Rabin
at The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago) | July 10 | CANCELED
at North Street Cabaret | July 11 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Phillip Golub and Mario Fabrizio’s Tropos
at Audio For The Arts | May 16 | 8pm | $15 | Park at MG&E Main St lot | TIX  | CANCELED
Paul Dietrich Quartet and Matt Gold Trio
at North Street Cabaret | May 23 | 8pm | $15 | POSTPONED
Alex Mercado Trio
at Cafe Coda | May 30 | 8pm | CANCELED
at Audio For The Arts | Jun 13 | 8pm | CANCELED
Jamie Breiwick, John Christensen, Devin Drobka at North Street Cabaret | Apr 17 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
at Audio For The Arts | Apr 18 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Max Bessesen w/Ron Miles
 at North Street Cabaret | Apr 25 | 8pm | POSTPONED
Paul Giallorenzo Trio
at Café Coda | Apr 30 | 8pm | $15 at the door
BlueStem Jazz Festival
at Schenk’s Corners | May 1 | 5 – 9pm | FREE | Keefe Jackson and Dave Rempis artists in residence | POSTPONED
Tony Barba CD Release 
at North Street Cabaret | April 3 | 8pm | CANCELED
at Threshold | April 4 | 8pm | $15 | CANCELED
Jaimie Branch’s FLY OR DIE II with a reading by Melvin Hinton at Cafe Coda | Mar 18 | CANCELED
at North Street Cabaret | March 20 | 8pm | TIX | MORE | CANCELED
Dave King and Julian Lage
at The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago) | March 15 | 8pm | TIX
KUZU Dave Rempis, Tyler Damon, Tashi Dorji
 at Cafe Coda | Mar 14 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
Ken Vandermark and Paul Lytton
at North Street Cabaret | March 11 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
a film for planetarium created in real time by Thomas Ferrella and Aaron Granat at James Madison Memorial HS | March 6 & 7 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
Ryan Keberle’s REVERSO [with Frank Woeste and Vincent Courtois]
at Audio For The Arts | Mar 4 | 8pm | $15 | park at MG&E lot Main St | TIX | MORE
at Audio For The Arts | Feb 28 | 8pm | $10 advance/$15 door | park at MG&E lot Main St | TIX | MORE| Sponsored by SONS OF NORWAY
at Cafe Coda | Feb 29 | 8pm | TIX | MORE
Mathew Muneses’ THRESHOLD
at Threshold | Feb 21 | 8pm | $15 | TIX at the door
Isaiah Collier and the CHOSEN FEW
at Cafe Coda | Feb 8 | 8pm | TIX
at Audio For The Arts | Feb 10 | 8pm | $10 | TIX | MORE
COLLECTOR Jakob Heinemann, Matt Blair, Devin Drobka
at Cafe Coda | Jan 31 | 8pm | $15 TIX at the door | MORE

Ben Philip’s Scorpio Moon [Jacob Neinemann, Lucas Gillan] | Jan 18
Davu Seru + Jamal Moore | Jan 22
Lucas Koehler Combo [Steve Banik, Matthew Allen]| Feb1
Mr. Chair [Mark Hetzler, Ben Ferris, Jason Kutz, Mike Koszewski] and Filament [DeLane Doyle, Aaron Gochberg] | Feb 6
Dave Rempis + Brandon Lopez + Ryan Packard | Apr 12
John Blevin’s Matterhorn | Apr 27
John Christensen Trio [Russ Johnson, Tim Daisy] | Feb 15
John Raymond’s Real Feels with Gilad Hekselman | Feb 20
Casey Nielsen’s Lapis Trio | Mar 1
Michael Zerang + Biliana Vouchkova  + opening with A Drone Orchestra | Mar 9
Sun of Goldfinger: Tim Berne, Ches Smith, David Torn | Mar 19
Boneshaker: Mars Williams, Kent Kessler, Paal Nilssen-Love | Mar 23
Dave Cooper Quartet [Devin Drobka, Jonathan Greenstein, John Christensen] | Mar 29
Dustin Laurenzi’s Twin Talk [Katie Ernst, Andrew Green] | Apr 6
Tollef Ostvang Quintet | Apr 11
Dave Rempis + Brandon Lopez + Ryan Packard | Apr 12
Dave King + Chris Weller | Apr 15
Pepper Adams Tribute with book signing and lecture by Gary Carner + performance by Anders Svanoe Quartet | Apr 17
John Blevin’s Matterhorn opening with Matt Blair solo | Apr 27
JazzFest | May 3 [Caroline Davis headlining, many bands-multiple venues-Schencks Corners-free]
College Night | May 5
Jenny Scheinman and Allison Miller’s Parlour Games [Carmen Staaf, Tony Scherr] | Trinity Lutheran Church | May 16
The Bridge Series #2.1 [Rob Frye, JayVe Montgomery, Christiane Bopp, Simon Sieger, Dan Bitney + Brennan Connors] | May 17
Keefe Jackson Quintet | May 25
Four Letter Words | May 31
Joe Tomino’s Togishi with Tony Barba solo opening | June 2
Stephano Barone solo | June 21
David Cooper Quartet:  Jonathan Greenstein, John Christensen, Devin Drobka | Jun28
Craig Walkner, William Kopecky, Roger Ebner | Aug 16
Cinghaile:  Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams with Steve Marquette solo at Cafe Coda | Aug 26 | 8pm
Vincent Davis Trio with Isaiah Collier at The North Street Cabaret | Aug 31 | 8pm
Jake Victor 5tet | Sept 6
Nick’s Cousins | Sept 20
Ralph Alessi Quintet [Andy Milne, Drew Gress, Jon Irabagon, Mark Ferber] at Cafe Coda | Sept 21 | 8pm
Roscoe Mitchell Trio with Vincent Davis at Cafe Coda | Sept 22 | 7pm
Stephan Crump’s Rosetta Trio | Sept 22
Brennan Connors & Stray Passage at Mother Fools Coffeehouse | Sept 27 | 8pm
Katie Ernst’s Little Words | Sept 27
Broken Shadows [Dave King, Tim Berne, Reid Anderson, Chris Speed] & Jason Steins’ Hearts And Minds at The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago) | Sep 29 | 7pm
Mark Hetzler – New Music Project | Oct 3
Emerson Hunton with Sarah Clausen and Jakob Heinemann at Audio For The Arts | Oct 12 | 8pm
Zakk Jones | Oct 15
Tim Daisy and Russ Johnson at Audio For The Arts | Oct 25 | 8pm
The Bridge # 2.2 [Mai Sugimoto, Raymond Boni, Kent Kessler, Paul Rogers] at Cafe Coda | Nov 4 | 7pm | $20
Michael Formanek and Peter Formanek at Audio For The Arts | Nov 7 | 8pm | $15
Jeb Bishop – Jaap Blonk’s 4tet at Cafe Coda | Nov 15 | 8pm | $15
Jake Polancich Quartet [Ryan Meisel, Jay Mollerskov, Matt Rogers] at Audio For The Arts | Nov 23 | 8pm | $10/15
Bram Weitjers and Chad McCullough at Audio For The Arts | Nov 30 | 8pm
Oliver Gomez’s Happy Feet at Art In | Dec 14 | 8pm | $10

Tony Castaneda Band with Tom Mattioli | Jan 6
Hassles: Ken Vandermark, Paal Nilsen-Love, Terrie Ex, Jon Rune Strom | Jan 12
Gerrit Hatcher + Julian Kirshner | Jan 27
Hobby Horse: Daniel Kinzelman, Joe Rehmer, Stefano Tamborrino | Feb 2
Greg Ward Trio | Feb 10
Dikeman-Townskeeper-Piazza-Shead | Feb 20
Triptych: Matt Ulery, Zach Brock, Jon Deitemyer | Mar 3
Storm Window [Paul Dietrich, Brian Courage, Nelson Devereaus, Devin Drobka] | Apr 9
Dave Rempis + Darren Johnston + Lary Ochs | Apr 14
Caroline Davis Quartet opening with Matt Blair solo | Apr 21
Eddie Gomez Trio [Stefan Karlsson, Rodrigo Villanueva] | Apr 24
Trio Mokili: Nathaniel Braddock, Makaya McCraven, Junius Paul | Apr 27
JazzFest | May 4 [Russ Johnson – Greg Ward headlining, many bands-multiple venues-Schencks Corners-free]
Mars Williams – Tollef Ostvang Duo | May 12
Tim Daisy – Josh Berman Duo | May 18
Isthmus Jazz Fest – Emerson Hunton Quintet with Greg Ward, Russ Johnson, Ben Cruz | June 1
Broken Shadows: Dave King, Reid Anderson, Tim Berne, Chris Speed | June 17
Roscoe Mitchell Quartet [Vincent Davis, Jaribu Shahid, Junius Paul] + Paal Nilssen-Love’s Large Unit + Anders Svanoe Trio [John Christensen, Michael Brenneis] | Trinity Lutheran Church | June 23
Twin Talk: Katie Ernst, Andrew Green, Dustin Laurenzi | June 29
Chicago Edge Ensemble: Dan Phillips, Jeb Bishop, Mars Williams, Krzysztof Pabian, Avreeayl Ra | July 8
Will Greene, John Christensen, Devin Drobka | July 13
Scott Fields solo | July 27
Bell Dance Songs: Devin Drobka, Chris Weller, Mike Bjella | Aug 5
Charlie Kirchen, Nick Mazarella, Dave Miller, Tim Daisy | Aug 15
Case Fitter: Greg Ward, Dustin Laurenzi, Paul Bedal, Mat Ulery, Greg Artry | Aug 17
Emerson Hunton, Jason Stein, Ben Cruz | Sept 7
Kind Folk:  John Raymond, Alex LoRe, Noam Wiesenberg, Colin Stranahan | Sep 15
Subtle Degrees: Travis Laplante, Gerald Cleaver with Rob Lundberg opening | Sept 18
Ian Ethan Case solo | Sept 27
Paul Wertico + Frank Catalano Quartet | Oct 6
Evil Genius: Max Kutner, Stefan Kac, Mike Lockwood | Oct 12
Collector: Jakob Heinemann, Devin Drobka, Matt Blair | Oct 21
Father Sky: Anthony Deutsch, John Christensen, Devin Drobka | Nov 2
Chad Mccullough + Bram Weijters | Nov 9
Cutout: Jeb Bishop, Pandelis Karayorgis, Nate Mcbride, Luther Gray, Jorrit Dijkstra | Nov 10
Michael Brenneis’ Plutonium [Tony Barba, Jonathan Greenstein, Greg Smith, Mark Hetzler, Paul Dietrich] | Nov 18
Montauk Project: Jake Polancich, Ryan Meisel + Dancers | Nov 30
Jim Campilongo Trio | Dec 1
Tony Barba solo | Dec 7
Trio Mokili: Nathaniel Braddock, Makaya McCraven, Junius Paul | Dec 14
Dave King Trio [Matt Mitchell, Billy Peterson] + Major Vistas [Mike Weiser, Chris Bucheit, Michael Brenneis,       Brad Townsend] | Trinity Lutheran Church | Dec 16

Goran Ivanovic Trio | Jan 27
Dave Rempis with Brennan Connors & Stray Passage | Feb 17
Trio Mokili [Nathaniel Braddock, Makaya McCraven, Junius Paul] | Mar 3
Greg Ward Trio [Dennis Carroll, Greg Artry] | Mar 17
Sun Speak / Tony Barba / Mahr | Mar 19
Nestle | Apr 2
Marissa Anderson with Patrick Best | Apr 16
John Mueller, Jason Kahn, Sheba | Apr 18
Major Vistas | May 13
Manhattan Vibes featuring Michael Spiro and Christos Rafalides | May 19
Spires in the Sunset Rise with Michael Zerang | May 21
Russ Johnson, Tim Daisy, Jason Stein, Anton Hatwich | June 9
The Few [Macie Stewart, Charlie Kirchen, Steve Marquette] | June 12
Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley | June 22
Tomeka Reid, Nick Mazerella
Karuna: Hamid Drake, Adam Rudolph
Chicago Edge Ensemble: Mars Williams, Dan Phillips, Hamid Drake, Jeb Bishop, Krzysztof Pabian | June 30
Paul Dietrich Quintet [Tim Ipsen, Dustin Laurenzi, Paul Bedal, Andrew Green] | July 7
Jonah Parzen-Johnson |July 11
Maitri:  Caroline Davis, Jay Sawyer, Sam Weber, Ben Hoffmann | July 21
Heinemann, Blair, Drobka | July 22
Tephra Sound:  Helen Gillet, Nikki Glaspie, Skerik, Brian Haas | Aug 19
Goran Ivanovic and Fareed Haque | Sept 2
Tashi Dorji and Tyler Damon | Sept 12
Andrew Cyrille and Bill Mchenry | Sept 23
Ian Maksin and Matt Berger | Oct 7
Ian Ethan Case with Daniel Feldman | Oct 9
Joe Policastro Trio [Dave Miller, Mikel Patrick Avery] | Oct 18
Sluggish Ensemble: Steve Lugerner, Michael Mitchell, Javier Santiago, Jim Tashjian, Julio Xavier Cetto | Oct 31
Anders Svanoe Trio [John Christensen, Rodrigo Villanueva] | Nov 30
Sfyria Trio [Sam Decker, Charlie Kirchen, Matt Carroll] | Dec 15
Dave King, Chris Speed, Chris Tordini | Dec 17
Phillip Suderburg, Jacob Wick, Andrew Clinkman | Dec 19

Roscoe Mitchell Trio [Vincent Davis, Junius Paul] | Jun 18
Ken Vandermark solo | Sept 30
Pino Forastiere solo | Oct 21
Johnson-Daisy-Johnson | Nov 5
Nils Bultmann solo | Dec 2


Michael Brenneis’ SHOWBIZ ROUNDUP are now podcasts!, tune in here to hear the latest interviews with our bands.
All About Jazz:
Meet BlueStem Jazz’s Dave Stone & Thomas Ferrella by Hrayr Attarian. You can read the article here
BlueStem Jazz
receives $2,000 grant from Wisconsinonymous Huge honor!
BlueStem Jazz’s
partnership with Garver Feed Mill expands in 2021 to include Fridays from late spring through late summer/early fall, so stay tuned!
awards BlueStem Jazz $3,000 grant in support of our 2021 Spring Jazz Festival at Schenks Corners.
Tony Castaneda
hosts BlueStem Jazz on his WORT 8 o’clock buzz morning show 8/6/2020, BlueStem Jazz announces their first show since the covid lockdown and their robust fall schedule at the Garver Feed Mill Patio.
BlueStem Jazz
is excited to announce our newest event partner, THE GARVER FEED MILL PATIO – hip venue, enlightened people, chill vibe…way to make BlueStem feel at home!
Welcome Michael Brenneis
to the BlueStem Jazz all-volunteer staff!  Michael Brenneis is a drummer and composer, based in Madison, Wisconsin. He will be our blogger doing pre-show reviews and interviews called the ShowBiz Roundup. He wants everyone to know that he’s a musician not a journalist. After reading his amazing posts, BlueStem may argue with the journalist comment.
BlueStem Jazz welcomes Rick Campbell
to our volunteer staff. Rick possess an incredibly deep knowledge and appreciation of all things jazz, but especially of avant-garde jazz. He is also a very generous donor to Friends of BlueStem Jazz and will act as our liaison to WORT 89.9 fm. PROVOKE CULTURE!
ALCHEMY CAFE  becomes a BlueStem Jazz sponsor! Where our musicians eat for free and our patrons to all BlueStem Jazz events eat and drink at a 10% discount day of the show.
An Extra Large Thanks to generous supporters.  Our Giving Tuesday fundraising was very successful. Look forward to more great music in Madison during 2020
wmse 91.7fm [milwaukee]
with alternating currents DJs rob szocik and zoro [aka brent boock] – interview on all things bluestem, 12/1/19  [starts at 1:02:50]
11/19 “friends of bluestem jazz” give generously to wort 89.9fm and form partnership to buy underwriting promotion for 2020
10/16/2019 – bluestem jazz proudly gets picked to host three artists from south arts first jazz road tours‘ grants:  brandon ross,  Melvin Gibbs, J.T. Lewis – harriet tubman. jaimie branch – fly or die. david rempis, tashi dorji, tyler damon – kuzu.
bluestem jazz launched  non-profit sponsors/presenters of progressive jazz in madison, wi.
wort 89.9 fm fire worship with joanne pow!ers 5/14/19 – interview on the state of jazz in madison
badger herald by emilie burditt 1/28/19
isthmus by allison geyer 11/29/18
isthmus by kiel majewski  5/3/18
wort 89.9fm 8 o’clock buzz with tony castaneda  5/3/18 – interview on the ALL JAZZFEST
wisconsin state journal by gayle worland  4/27/18
wort 89.9fm 8 o’clock buzz with jonathan zarov  2/23/18
capital times by erik lorenzsonn  2/27/17


Audio for the Arts

7 S Blair St # 1, Madison, WI 53703 | 608-255-0511 | Capacity: 30+

Madison's premier recording studio, their live concert series called Acoustic Moose features artists in an intimate setting - the live room at Audio for the Arts! For these concerts, artists perform mostly acoustic versions of their music to an exclusive audience of about 30+ people. It’s a chance to see and hear amazing talent up close and personal in a state-of-the-art recording studio setting.

BlueStem Jazz Booking and presenting Jazz in Madison, Wisconsin since 2016.

Cafe Coda

1224 Williamson St. Madison, Wisconsin 53703 | 608-630-9089 | Capacity: 99

Café CODA is Madison’s premier new jazz space dedicated to the presentation of traditional, contemporary and creative music. Café CODA facilitates the long-desired manifestation of a space with suitable staging, a tuned concert piano, and state of the art drum kit, to inspire great music to be played by great artists.

Garver Feed Mill

3241 Garver Green, Madison, WI 53704 | | Capacity: 500

The Garver Feed Mill is an iconic turn-of-the-century building on Madison's near East Side that is home to a collection of producers, artisan food makers, wellness studios and hospitality providers. We have two indoor performance spaces plus a beautiful patio for outdoor sessions.

The Bur Oak (formerly The Winnebago)

2262 Winnebago St. Madison, WI 53704 | 608-640-4380 | Capacity: 130

Hello friend. The Bur Oak is a venue for inspiring conversation between stranger and neighbor, artist and patron, friend and family. Our cafe was inspired by a memory of your great aunt’s farmhouse kitchen. Our MENU aims to be simple and wholesome inspired by ingredients picked in our state. The drinks compliment the food. Our performance space has an expansive stage yet lends itself beautifully to our intimate listening room.

The North Street Cabaret

610 North Street Madison, WI 53703 | 608-422-5646 | Capacity: 99

The North Street Cabaret is a new music venue in Madison, Wisconsin hosting a wide variety of world music, jazz and local talent. With excellent drinks, friendly staff and the Tip Top Tavern right across the street for amazing food, you have arrived at the epicenter of a cool Madison vibe. Inclusivity is our highest priority – all are welcome at the cabaret.


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    🔥 THIS WEDNESDAY 7pm 🔥 the @dirkquinnband on the @garverfeedmill patio!!!
    summer + lesser lakes trio + delicioso garver baked goods = NIRVANA! (devin drobka-drums. john christensen-bass. jaimie briewick- trumpet)
    rain…what rain? the max bessessen quintet dries the garver patio with some hot licks. all is well for sold out show. MAGICO!Max Bessesen @mlbsax - Saxophone
Russ Johnson @russjohnsontpt russjohnsontpt - Trumpet
Dave Miller @davemillerguitar - Guitar
Devin Drobka @crumbsonthedrums - Drums
Ethan Philion @ethanphilion - Bass#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    THIS FRIDAY!!! Thanks for the coverage @isthmusmadison ❤️
    🔥 HOT RODRIGO!! 🔥 alex mercado trio on the @garverfeedmill patiojohn christensen @johnwasneverhere - bass.
rodrigo villanueva @rodvc - drums
alex mercado @alexmercadojazz - keys
    Max Bessesen brings TROUBLE to the Patio, and YES that is a good thing!TIX $20Max Bessesen @mlbsax - Saxophone
Russ Johnson @russjohnsontpt russjohnsontpt - Trumpet
Dave Miller @davemillerguitar - Guitar
Devin Drobka @crumbsonthedrums - Drums
Ethan Philion @ethanphilion - Bass
@garverfeedmill - Location#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    @garverfeedmill patio/ bluestem jazz opening night,  whata beauteous thing!  @toddclouser trio. @rodvc on drums. @alexmercadojazz on keys. big thanks to all esp fans and garver staff... lil hint of normalcy - we’re still tingling.
    the SHOW BIZ ROUNDUP by michael brenneis is now a BlueStem Jazz podcast which premiers with todd clouser and alex mercado, give a listen and get a lil bit more smarter @toddclouser#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    BlueStem is honored to host STUDENTS OF JAZZ!!!TIX: NIU JAZZ ENSEMBLE
Rodrigo Villanueva: Director
Megan Rault: Alto Saxophone
Morgan Turner: Tenor Saxophone
Michael Opitz: Tenor Saxophone
Charlie Watson: Trumpet
Zephan Drew: Trombone
Christian Yi: Piano
Ben Kwak: Bass
Jackson Frosch: Guitar
Noah Brooks: DrumsThe NIU Jazz Ensemble is the Laboratory Jazz Big Band at NIU. This group performs advanced and intermediate material covering a wide variety of jazz styles, including new works composed and/or arranged by NIU faculty and students. The group has performed with several international artists, including Allen Vizzutti, Fareed Haque, Kelly Sill, Stefan Karlsson, Liam Teague, Art Davis, Tom Garling, Gary Smulyan, Mark Colby and Wayne Bergeron. The Jazz Ensemble regularly participates in jazz festivals and competitions, and performs at least six concerts per academic year. In 2010 and 2014 the ensemble was featured at the Illinois Music Education Conference. The group won first place in the College Jazz Big Band division at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Jazz Festival in 2010 and 2008. It has received outstanding recognition at the Elmhurst College Jazz Festival many times. The band was honored with Outstanding Performance recognition at the 35th DOWNBEAT Annual Student Music Awards (June 2012).#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    @rodvc “Todd Clouser Trio & Alex Mercado Trio DOUBLE BILL,
With John Christensen and Rodrigo Villanueva, 5/14/2021 7:00 pm
Garver Feed Mill, Madison, Wisconsin”Sponsored by @bluestemjazz and Jazz Roads - South Arts GrantTickets at
    All About Jazz article featuring BlueStem Jazz!! @allaboutjazznearyou #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    required reading for all BlueStem Jazz fans. there will be a pop quiz at our first show in may at @garverfeedmill — written by a pal of ours Cisco Bradley @jazzrightnow#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #universaltonality
    Join us TONIGHT for a live performance restricted to 25 guests at @garverfeedmill. Link in bio for tickets!#contemporaryart #naturalartistry #experimentalart #wisconsinvideography #madisonart #madisonartist #wisconsinartist #wisconsinart #supportlocalart #customart #modernart #moderartist #contemporaryart #wisconsinvideo #naturevideo  #youofallpeople
    SHADOWLANDS—Feb 27th - 8pm - @garverfeedmill - 45 min with post Q&A moderated by @buzzkemper
Shadowlands is a multi-media film created in real time by @adgranat and @artistthomasferrella with a live soundtrack by You Of All People [Ed Ahrens, Kevin Schaefer, Nick Orlowski, Thomas Ferrella, Steve Tyska, Phil Redman]. Granat uses archival video footage, shot by Ferrella over a 30 year period, as another instrument in this multi-media collective. This is their second film collaboration and comes after Mindstorm which was showcased in 2020 in a planetarium setting.In conjunction with Madison's @winterisalive2021 festival, this event is funded by Wisconsin Salt Wise. Shadowlands is a catalyst for environmental sustainability. The project is founded on an aesthetic engagement with natural phenomena. We hope to sensitize people to their surroundings and in particular to the changes that are occurring as a result of our arrogant land management practices. This film focuses on the use of road salt and the subsequent proliferation of Phragmites australis, a plant that is aggressively changing our wetland ecosystems.Shadowlands aims to foster a healthier relationship between the viewer and their natural surroundings, which is so important in a time when the environment needs fierce advocates.This film will be showcased in 3 separate events:
1] $20 ticketed live performance at Garver Feed Mill, restricted to 25 guests, balcony seating in the large hall, drinks/food available
2]  Free live stream at these on-line locations: ,
3]  projected for outside viewing on the large south facing window at Garver Feed Mill, Feb 19 - Mar 7, dusk to midnight
    somethings just go together like @chadmccullough playing an @antonio.rapacciuolo trumpet - linn sondek LP12 turntable with a sumiko blue point evo III cartridge - @moonbysimaudio 700i amp - @nordostcables tyr 2 cables - @sonusfaberofficial olympica III speakers. YUM!#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    this past week i have been relistening to everything i own by mr rempis: 12+ albums. this solo/local collab project LATTICE with brennan connors, brian grimm, geoff brady resonates strongly since i am most proud to have hosted it here in our humble ville. GENIUS WALKS AMONGST US!! @aerophonicrecords#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    ...and if you have not donated and are still considering, it is never too late!!! Link in bio!#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    Support BlueStem Jazz on GIVING TUESDAY! Link in bio to donate!!!#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #supportlocal #givingtuesday #thanksgiving
    quickly becoming my fave for 2020. MODERN JAZZ QUINTET KARLSRUHE 3 cd box set.  50 years fresh.#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #supportmusicians #supportartists #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #KARLSRUHE #nobusinessrecords
    lil shopping spree - @madcitymusic and @strictlydiscs THANKS FOR THE FIX!
    jazz and art!!! if there was only ice cream it would have been the perfect trifecta!  hanah jon taylor trio (kevin carnes -drums, ari smith-bass) rips it at @gallerymarzen new exhibit - FROM HERE ON OUT!#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #blm #fromhereonout #madisonart #madisonartist #wisconsinartist #wisconsinart #supportlocalart
    #tbt house of drobka! devin drobka drummer with tony barba's BLOOD MOON QUARTET. AAAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO…@crumbsonthedrums
@bonytarba#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #bloodmoonquartet #garverfeedmill
    #tbt OCT 8: leader. composer. drummer - michael brenneis - EXECUTIVE TEA SET. served hot steaming steeped jazz!  @paul.r.dietrich - trumpet. @brad.townsend.129 -bass. @siegenthaler.mark -piano
    NEWS FLASH [Oct 16, 2020] - a hardy bluestem jazz fan [sue stone] weathers the wind, rain and hail for the greg ward trio [greg artry, dennis carroll] show on the @garverfeedmill patio!  NEW TIMES - NEW SOLUTIONS! @fittedphonic @gregartry
    🔥THE @garverfeedmill PATIO JUST GOT A LIL HOTTER WITH PORTABLE HEATERS!! 🔥#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #garverfeedmill
    Posted by @julkasm — Vincent Davis and Percussion Plus
A huge thank you to @bluestemjazz#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    YOU OF ALL PEOPLE performance. queen of the yahara and her red dress minion#tbt #yoap #soundscapes #contemporarymusic #avantgardemusic #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #ambientsound #watermusic #youofallpeople
    🔥 “trust me ferrella... this is gonna be hot, and a surprise and i aint sayin any more" 🔥GOOD BY ME, MR DAVIS!!#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    simple enough patio?  also just happens to be the epicenter of the hottest hot hot jazz scene in the midwest. GARVER!#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #garverfeedmill
    paul dietrich + 18 captures the essence of the midwest sound. the sense of loneliness and hope. ice and sand. water and prairies…yes forward - never straight! @paul.r.dietrich
    ! CUDDLE UP AND HAVE A HOT CUPPA ! This Thursday at the @garverfeedmill patio. Limited tickets: #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    a must watch for all bluestem fans!  ICONS AMONG US#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #supportmusicians #supportartists #allaboutjazz #jazz
    the newest addition to the hanah jon taylor artet, drummer and recent transplant from the bay area - KEVIN CARNES!  the jazz scene in madison just got a lil hotter!! bluestem welcomes you KC!!--#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    hanah jon taylor artet comes prepared for full scale video/audio recording and streaming on the garver patio @hanahjontaylor_cafecoda#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz
    THERE’S MORE!!!!!!! SEPT 25 - HANAH JON TAYLOR'S ARTET @hanahjontaylor_cafecoda @garverfeedmill
    guest soprano saxophonist, @hanahjontaylor_cafecoda jammed with YOU OF ALL PEOPLE @ a previous wednesday bridge gig
.#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #jazzmusic #youofallpeople
    a very valid, poignant and timely article about jazz education in our country by the @nytimes . bsj stands firmly for diversity in all facets of jazz AND in life everywhere! always!
#diversity #jazzeducation #equality #blm #progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #jazzmusic
    vincent davis. isaiah collier. jeremiah hunt - HOT KINETIC AGITATION!! jazz moving forward. just how bluestem likes it!!
.#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #jazzmusic #vincentdavis
    the @garverfeedmill patio wait staff GET IT!!
.#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #jazzmusic #louisarmstrong
    the majestic sound of charlie ballantine's guitar accompanied by stefan lenthe (bass) and chris parker (drums). in the pocket of pure soul and introspection. whatta night on the garver patio!!
.#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #jazzmusic
    pure hotness on the garver patio tonight with the charlie ballantine trio!! 7pm
.#progressivejazz #avantgardemusic #jazzmusicians #jazzmusic #madisonmusic #wisconsinjazz #madisonjazz #bluestemjazz #experimentalmusic #experimentaljazz #madisonwimusic #madisonmusicians #madisondatenight #supportmusicians #supportartists #madisonevents #thingstodoinmadison #madisonwisconsin #livemusicmadison #entertainmentmadison #allaboutjazz #jazz #jazzmusic
    stay tuned in for the vincent davis trio sept 3rd and charlie ballantine trio sept 4th
all COVID safety regulations will be strictly followed. Refer to each location for venue-specific information!
    tony barba quartet accompanied by paul dietrich's trumpet and brilliant writing bring an elegant hot set to a magnificent august eve at the garver patio. BIG THX FROM BLUESTEM. nick moran (bass). devin drobka (drums). @bonytarba @paul.r.dietrich @nick_moran_bass
    MAITRI FOR PRESIDENT!  brooklyn, ny duo (caroline davis, ben hoffmann) lay down poignant tracks of relevance at garver patio. listen up usa! @maitrimusic @carolinedavismusic @jamin_jamal @garverfeedmill @garverevents
    lesser lakes trio (john christensen. jaimie briewick. devin drobka) blow the doors off our 5 month hiatus and anoint a full house at the GARVER PATIO with two blistering sets! @johnwasneverhere @b.side.recordings @crumbsonthedrums @garverfeedmill @garverevents
    bluestem jazz is happy to announce our new partnership with the Garver Feed Mill, look for the @svanoea @brad.townsend.129 Nick Zielinski Trio and Lesser Lakes Trio August 7th outside on the Garver Patio, 7pm. more details coming soon and a big THANK YOU to Bethany Jurewicz for diggin progressive music!  OH YEA!! @garverfeedmill
    WE GOT OUR FIX!  @daverempis - tim daisy rescue mke from the mundane with an explosive 2 set gig at the @thesugarmaple big thanks all around. topped the evening off with a lil leons custard!!! and wore those rose-colored glasses all the way back to madison.
    this was just WAY too swingin to only post 1 minute, so here ya go - MORE HOTNESS from @colliersworld and the chosen few!
    very honored that master trumpeter @chadmccullough used 2 of @artistthomasferrella photographs for his new album release (10/16/20) including the cover image! FORWARD! @robclearfield @matthewulery @jondeitemyer
    BEST birthday present ever - A SONG FROM ISAIAH COLLIER AND THE CHOSEN FEW!  Thanks to my lil gurl - MAIA!  XXXOOO @colliersworld
    @theburoak and @bluestemjazz two hardy long-grass prairie flora with immense resilience, power and indigenous beauty! See their most recent post for an update on their name change!
    Buying product is one of the best ways to support musicians from a financial standpoint, but it also expresses your love and value for their music. In the time of corona nothing could be more true - so dust off that turntable, cassette player, 8 track, CD player - support the music economy and crank it UUUUUPPPPP!  @allaboutjazznearyou @jazzineurope
    @adgranat “Cooking up some live visuals in the home studio using documentary material by the great @artistthomasferrella #resolume #aorus #gigabyte #vj #livevisuals #mindstorm”
    Krzysztof Penderecki, a Polish composer and conductor for films like “The Exorcist” and “The Shining” died today at the age of 86. We are huge fans of Fire! Orchestra, and their new release, Actions, is an interpretation of Penderecki's Actions For Free Jazz Orchestra that included Don Cherry, Kenny Wheeler, Peter Brötzmann, Thomasz Stanko, Terje Rypdal... it is a beautiful tribute and farewell to an amazing artist!
    recognize this house?... one of the coolest hippest spots for music in madison (yea…go ahead and call 'bullshit' - cause you be wrong!) KIKI's HOUSE OF RIGHTEOUS MUSIC...where the sidewalk ends
    dave king - drums, julian lage - guitar at the venue on winnebago, raise ambient temperatures - kills pathogens with sonic beauty!! @googlebully @jlage @2262winnebagost
    quarantine - no quarantine...always a good time to LISTEN! @liledit @latimes
    CATCHING UP ON PREVIOUS SHOWS: @hanahjontaylor_cafecoda called this trio the HOTTEST JAZZ TRIO IN AMERICA - i say DITTO DAT!!
dave rempis -reeds. tyler damons - drums. tashi dorji - guitar. WWWWHHHHOOOAAAAAA…wake up call! @daverempis @tashiiidorjiii @heavywithpuppy @cafecodamadison
    February 29th: these guys touched the soul with a deep understanding. THE ETHNIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLE at @cafecodamadison — @coreywilkesmuzik - trumpet! @harding.alex - sax! @kahilelzabar - everything!
    BlueStem Jazz got seriously MERCHED by the norwegians!! @andreroligheten -sax, @thomastrp -trumpet, @gronberg.oscar -piano, @johnnyruun -bass, @tollefostvang -drums
    john christensen....ALL GROOVE, with matthew muneses, zubin edalji, chris rottmayer, matt endres....SWINGTIGHT!! @threshold_madison feb 21
    ALL QUESTIONS SUCCINCTLY ANSWERED!! @ken_vandermark - reeds/paul lytton - drums. chains. gongs. bells. alien wind up doohickeys… HELLS YEA!
    @artistthomasferrella — “MindStorm sold out both nights!  Big thanks to @bluestemjazz for supporting the weird & wacky, to Geoff Holt/Ben Senson who had vision and foresight to open the planetarium doors to artists, AND of course to @wortfm for everything they do in keeping Madison WOKE!” #mmsdplanetarium
    Dave Stone & @artistthomasferrella (BlueStem founders) are hangin with the cool kids at @cafecodamadison . hurry someone - take a picture. isaiah collier! isaac james wenzel! baba vincent davis! 🤯
    the norwegians school us americans in what it's like to be FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS!! at Audio for the Arts. @andreroligheten -sax, @thomastrp -trumpet, @gronberg.oscar -piano, @johnnyruun -bass, @tollefostvang -drums
    SONS OF NORWAY are sponsoring the gentlemen from Norway - Tollef Ostvang's FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS! @audioforthearts feb 28 8pm @tollefostvang
    TUNE IN TO @wortfm TOMORROW at 8am to hear about @bluestemjazz !!!!!
    ON THE PRECIPICE WITH MATTHEW MUÑESES'S THRESHOLD AT THRESHOLD!! Matthew Muneses - saxophone, Zubin Edalji - trumpet, Chris Rottmayer - piano, John Christensen - bass, and Matthew Endres - drums !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @munesmusic @chrisrottmayer @johnwasneverhere @threshold_madison @matthew.endres
    🔥 🔥 🔥 Isaiah Collier and the Chosen Few at @cafecodamadison
    isaiah collier (sax). baba vincent davis (drums). isaac james wenzel (bass). WE ALL GOT CHOSEN! @cafecodamadison @colliersworld @isaac.j.wenzel #vincentdavis
    isaiah collier and the chosen few at @cafecodamadison standing room only. standing ovation!!
    ISAIAH COLLIER at @cafecodamadison TONIGHT at 8pm! See him before he starts winning Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, Academy Awards, Pulitzers, Peoples Choice, MacArthurs, Nobels....HEISMANS....!!!!
    kevin schaefer test drives the newly rehabbed and double-tuned 1896 steinway donated by bluestem jazz at the @northstreetcabaret . local legendary tuner jim forest brings it up to concert pitch says "she may be old but she still sings pretty"
    friggin lovelove this trio. matt blair [piano] continues to impress. drobka [drums] has serious depth as a composer. heinemann [bass] is on the steep side of the exponential growth curve. is there an ending in sight? i hope not. this is the type of band that can lead us into the light!" @mattblair_music @crumbsonthedrums @jakob.heinemann @cafecodamadison
    🤯 CHICAGO MEETS MINNEAPOLIS MEETS MILWAUKEE MEETS MADISON!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 COLLECTOR: Jakob Heinemann_ Matt Blair_Devin DrobkaFriday, Jan 31 at 8pm @cafecodamadison
    HOLY MACARONIES the BSJ spring lineup is OUT-A-SIGHT!! SERIOUSLY??!! HARRIET TUBMAN, JAIMIE BRANCH, KEN VANDERMARK, PAUL LYTTON, DAVE REMPIS, KAHIL EL'ZABAR, GREG WARD, JASON STEIN, TOLLEF OSTAVANG, JON RUNE STROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    makaya mccraven puts down the house beats between sets by junius paul quartet. anticipation was thick at the @hideoutchicago . international anthem is in the house with a healthy dose of pure-black-vinyl!  when this god-damned revolution finally starts i’m giving full credit to @intlanthem TRUTHSAYERS!
    3rd chicago bluestem jazz reconnaissance weekend in a row!! DKV Trio (hamid drake. kent kessler. ken vandermark) pure! liquid! flow! fire! energy! at elastic arts!!
    bluestem jazz reconnaissance continues. anointed the new year (solstice) with proclamation of hope from the house of  free thought (constellation, chicago). hamid drake. michael zerang. toshinori kondo. tatsu aoki. pay homage to fred anderson and release new cd: fred anderson quartet live from the velvet lounge (1994).
    mentor/senseii/baba vincent davis rips it hard with the junius paul quartet. justin dillard on lap-balanced electric keys. corey wilkes - 2 trumpets WOT?! junius got 16 fingers. “that’s my brother y’all”!! - yells his sister! HIDEOUT (and seek) chicago.
    if you thought 2019 was 🔥 just wait for what BlueStem Jazz has in store for 2020 🙌🏼🌀🗣🔥‼️
    a night of beautiful standards. HAPPY FEET (pierre tan -sax, oliver gomez - bass, kallan engleson - piano, chai devlin - trombone, meg lock - drums) play well beyond their high school years. they end the night with gomez’s original Grief Suite - WOW!  that got bluestem’s attention!
    tears were shed during this romantically beautiful set by chad mccullough (chicago) and bram weitjers (antwerp) at @audioforthearts nov 30th. killer chocolate almond cookies, rye mixed drinks by the baraboo contingency and an italian AR RESONANCE trumpet complimented the evening!
    December 14th: HOT LOCAL HIP FREE-RANGE JAZZ!!!! Oliver Gomez's Quintet
HAPPY FEET draws inspiration from artists such as Sonny Rollins, Oscar Peterson, and Lester Young. Pierre Antoni-Tan (Saxophone), Oliver Gomez (Bass), Kallan Engleson (Piano), Chai Devlin (Trombone), and Meg Lock (Drums) have created a dynamic that can be simply described as fiery and soulful!!
    bluestem jazz recognizes brilliance wherever. this firestorm occured at 2423 n murray st mke, THE JAZZ ESTATE!  friday nov 29th! russ johnson. greg ward. dana hall. clark sommers! insert joy, tears, big smiles and monster admiration emojis here for this quartet!!!!!
    Wooooooooaaaahhhhhh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 THIS SATURDAY @bram.weijters will join @chadmccullough at @audioforthearts
    Happy to announce that Friends of BlueStem Jazz have partnered with WORT in a symbiotic love affair to promote edgy, progressive, exhilarating, thought-provoking, controversial and above all else - beautiful JAZZ!  and by the looks of their vinyl room alone, i would say we are in GREAT company!
    SINCERELY, LINUS (ryan meisel,  @jpolancich , matt rodgers) kicks Snoopy’s A**! in front of a full house at @audioforthearts
    🚨BLUESTEM WARNING 🚨jittery, happy and loose feet may result from concert exposure. double knot recommended!!! Jams thanks to Sincerely, Linus @jpolancich #mattrodgers #ryanmeisel @audioforthearts
    📧 Contact us!!! Volunteering our time to book avant-garde music! We’ve partnered with amaziinnnggggg venues in Madison, WI and 2020 is already looking HOT!!! 🔥🤘🏼
    🥁🔥 TOMORROW!!!!! Jake Polancich @jpolancich plays at @audioforthearts with Ryan Meisel and Matt Rodgers in a new ensemble: Sincerely, Linus. IT’S GONNA BE LIT!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥